Bi-weekly inspiration by LB* #1

Bi-weekly inspiration by LB* #1

In LB*, we share a lot of great articles on design and product development every day. Since we've always cared about the community, we decided to share this dose of great sources with you as well!

Every other week we handpick the best content about UX and visual design, CX transformation, a11y, project management and much more. Enjoy now or save to your Pocket for later. For news directly to your inbox subscribe at the bottom.

Improve your product value with the Jobs-to-be-done framework

Would you like to develop products and services that will be loved by your customers? Involve the Jobs-to-be-done (JTBD) theory and improve your business, design and marketing strategy.

Read more: Improve your product value with the Jobs-to-be-done framework by LB*

A guide to measure the impact of a Design System

The reason for introducing a design system in a company is not because so people can work less, but because so people can work better. Visualize the positive impact on the work of a team of UI engineers, by the adoption of a design system.

Read more: Measuring the Impact of a Design System by Badoo

How a Software Engineer from BBC News used the web for a day with just a keyboard

Many of us are taught to make sure our sites can be used via keyboard. Why is that, and what is it like in practice? Chris Ashton did an experiment to find out and navigated the web using just his keyboard.

Read more: I Used The Web For A Day With Just A Keyboard by Smashing Magazine

Credit: Smashing Magazine

Speed is important. Here are 7 tips to design faster

Whether you have a tight deadline or you just want to procrastinate, being fast will only help. And it’s not about having the best hardware, drinking a cocktail of red bull & coffee or knowing all the shortcuts of your favorite design tools.

Read more: 7 tips to design faster by UX Collective

Become an MVPM: Minimum Viable Product Manager

To be an effective generalist product manager, who can work on almost any problem, become a Minimum Viable Product Manager. Your set of skills or knowledge should represent the intersection between UX, tech and business.

Read more: MVPM: Minimum Viable Product Manager by The Black Box of a Product Management

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