CX Transformation

Transform my company culture

CX Transformation

We help companies redefine their culture and processes to become more user-centric. Let us introduce Design Thinking, Lean UX and Design Systems into your corporate environment.

Are you undergoing Digital or Customer Experience transformation? We believe that delivering a culture change means not only altering the processes and organisation structure but also leading by example of well executed CX projects.

Launching the transformation initiatives

We consult companies on how to best initiate the CX transformation. In a series of workshops with board members and key company stakeholders we define a solid strategy for change. We believe the transformation must go both top down by having well aligned C-level management and bottom up by engaging employees in CX projects.

Redesign of key customer journeys

To grasp the complexity of customers interacting with your organisation we help you index their journeys and prioritise customer pain-points. We provide you with capacity for redesigning your key customer journeys to get real-world examples of well-working CX projects. We also make sure to develop quick-wins to showcase positive impact of CX in a short amount of time.

Changing the way you measure customers

We help companies revisit their tools and indicators used for measuring customers but also performance of their teams. To aggregate customer insights across multiple channels and make work of product teams more user-centric, we also help corporates build new tools.

Integration of CX culture

Framing our believes in a CX vision is the first thing we start with, along with developing custom CX curriculum for your organisation to grow in-house understanding of customer centricity. We engage your board members, but also first-line employees in customer research and design projects.

Organisation structure and in-house teams

We build CX departments by training UX professionals and establishing them within organisational structures. We help you transform your existing Customer Experience team into agile squads, develop role responsibilities, support hiring and creating Customer Experience Officer role.

Process change

By introducing a user-centric design approach we help your company redefine the product and service management. We make building your new product and services evidence based with clear requirements on performance and innovation.

Design systems

By exploring your company culture, values and mission we create a design system that aligns the organisation on customer centricity. The design system frames the CX vision, provides data on users, defines methodologies and is a go-to-place when new service or product is being developed. It allows all your contractors to be consistent with your digital brand image and defines how your brand communicates with its customers and employees in the digital world. In addition to coded visual elements and extensive descriptions of both code and UX patterns, it also contains tone of voice, values and brand imagery.