Redesign my product


Using Lean UX methodology we can help you bring an exciting innovation into your product. Take a bold step forward without confusing your customers.

Redesigning your complex project can be a challenging job. You don't want to make your existing customers unhappy by changing everything, but you want to take a bold step forward to bring an exciting new product to the market. To make this happen we provide a dedicated team working in a lean environment able to quickly adapt to the project. We adhere to high quality standards.

The multidisciplinary team

You will get a team of 3 to 7 people consisting of facilitators, UX designers, visual designers and developers who will be solely focused on your project. The team is co-located and exchanges information about the project on a daily basis. This helps us bring the highest quality results. If possible we work in a joint team with back-end developers. In only three weeks after the project starts we are able to deliver early tangible outputs.

Lean UX

We use a methodology called Lean UX. We work in two week cycles called "sprints". At the beginning of each sprint we set out a tangible result that we want to produce and make everything possible to deliver it. By splitting the project plan into smaller chunks, we are able to manage the risk much better than in the standard "waterfall" approach.

Priority change

The project is a living organism. Priorities change and we are ready for that. At the beginning of each sprint we decide what is the next most important challenge that we need to tackle.

Quality assurance

Each sprint day contributes to ever improving quality of your project. We also use other senior members of the company to challenge design decisions twice a week in a design quality assurance session.

We start on Monday by meeting with you and discussing the challenge in an in-depth workshop.
On Tuesday we sketch out concepts and ideas that address the challenge and test them with users.
On Wednesday we reiterate and test again.
On Thursday and Friday we produce a prototype of your product with detailed copywriting and interactions.
The next week is dedicated to testing & detailing the prototype.
The design & front-end development teams work in parallel with the UX team.

Living styleguides

Digital environments are very complex reaching to many different platforms. To make experiences more coherent we produce design systems. They include a coded repository of your components (buttons, input fields, colours, typography), patterns (e.g. login page) but also design principles and values of your company.