Service & Product Design

Build a new product or service

Service & Product Design

We discover business opportunities by researching your customers. Then we turn them into viable market strategy for your new product or service.

Innovation is not happening by coincidence. It requires focused, well-structured work. We do not push new technologies to make innovation happen, but rather search for opportunities by empathising with customers and understand their needs.

Igniting the enthusiasm

We kick-off our innovation projects by in-depth Design Thinking seminars where project stakeholders get aligned and focused on the project. We help teams clarify the challenge and decide on the priorities.

One multidisciplinary team

Autonomous, joint teams co-created and co-located with our client’s specialists is the way we work. The team includes professionals from the client side, facilitators, UX designers, visual designers and front-end developers. This enables the team not only to make decisions but also to build a full-fledged proof of concept. The team presents their outcomes on weekly basis in sparring sessions with key project stakeholders and executives.

Hunting the innovation

We conduct in-depth research with your target groups to understand their needs and challenges. By understanding your customers' journey we are able to find opportunities for innovation, process improvement and new services. We conduct both qualitative and quantitative research in order to explore and validate insights with a relevant number of users.

Crafting the perfect concept

Once the research is concluded the team prioritises problems worth solving utilising quantitative research methods and in workshops focused on problem viability. The most important challenge is then addressed by a concept developed in a Design Sprint session. This methodology, developed by Google forces the team to decide on the solution in only one week. We then put this solution into practice and learn from it.

Developing an MVP

The concept is developed in a smallest possible version (minimal viable product) and put to the market. By building the product or service in the smallest amount of time we minimise the risk of investing too much into a non-viable solution. The MVP is developed using Lean UX methodology in a multidisciplinary team that includes back-end developers and empowers the team to build a fully working solution. We regularly test with the customers and iterate our solution to meet their needs.

Go-to-market strategy

The MVP is put to market in several phases. First, the product is iterated with an alpha test group, later we distribute it to a bigger audience in a beta phase. We always measure the performance of the new service or product to understand it’s real impact on business.

Pivot or scale

If the product or service performs well, we scale it by listening to users’ feedback and build new blocks that address their needs. If numbers prove the concept to be invalid, we develop new concept and measure its performance.