What is this canvas for?

We created the assumption mapper canvas to help you frame your learning goal, brainstorm assumptions and prioritise the riskiest ones.

Step-by-step process

Define your learning goal

  • Step 1: Individually write down the most important questions or problems you need answers for. Example: Will people use this feature? How should we build it? (5 min).
  • Step 2: Share your questions and problems and build on top of them (15 min).
  • Step 3: Merge your questions into one or two learning goals. If you have many of them, prioritise the most important ones and keep the others for later (5 min).

Map out assumptions

  • Step 1: Individually write down 2-4 key assumptions linked to your learning goal previously defined (10 min).
  • Step 2: Share them on the assumption mapper and build on each other’s assumptions (15 min).
  • Step 3: Rank each assumption from the riskiest to less risky ones.  (15 min)
  • Step 4: Focus on the riskiest assumptions, and agree with the team which one of them you will test first (10 min).
Get the Assumption Mapper

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