What is this guide for?

Launching a new product is extremely risky, 90% of startup ideas fail. This guide is a summary of best practices combined with our 11 years experience in bringing successful new products to market. Following our 7-step process, you will maximize your chances for success.

In this handbook

  • Complex process simply explained: No need to be an expert in product management to read this guide. We write in plain english what you should know about creating a new product.
  • 7 steps process: From your first meeting to the launch, we explain in 7 steps how to build your product for your customers.
  • Recommended tools: For each step, you can find some of our favorite tools.

The process

  • Business goals
  • Problem exploration
  • Solution development
  • Business model definition
  • Solution validation
  • Build a minimum solution
  • Continuous build & measure & learn
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