Improve existing product


We analyse data, conduct usability tests and personalise experience to scale up your conversion rates and improve user satisfaction.

You might face various challenges – your customers stopped visiting your website, your newsletter does not give you the results you expected or it takes too much time for a user to accomplish a specific task. We have a set of tools and methodologies which help us target your problem and fix it.

In-lab usability testing

If you want to be sure your product is easy to use, join us in our UX lab. In moderated sessions we invite respondents to test your website or mobile app to understand where you could find room for improvement. By following our strict procedures we are able to identify 85% of usability problems.

Remote usability testing

Having customers spread across the globe is not a problem for us, we test remotely. For some scenarios we conduct moderated tests, some studies are conducted without a facilitator. In both cases we provide a complex report with actionable items on how to improve your design.


If your product depends on where your customer looks at (newsletter, home page or even a retail space) we can conduct a full scope eye-tracking test with our Tobii Glasses that track where users are looking. Based on the data we make subtle changes that have great impact on the performance of your product.

Data analytics

We use industry standard analytic tools to understand what your customers do on your website. These include Google Analytics for quantity, HotJar for quality and Optimizely for a/b tests.


With ever increasing importance of personal experience we help you setup a mechanism that personalizes websites and online apps. Each user is delivered a unique experience tailored to their needs. We use tools such as Optimizely, Exponea or Adalytics.

Navigation & information architecture

If your website is content heavy you might run into navigation problems. We create new navigational structures with the users in card sorting sessions and test them quantitatively with information architecture tests.