What is the purpose of this canvas?

The right questions don't usually pop up just like that. Especially during user research, every UX designer and researcher needs to have a process how to come up with smart questions.

Asking good questions is not just a skill for research purposes only. It is also important when we talk to stakeholders, clients and we enquire about their needs or work with them on workshops.

The ability to ask a question appears to be a uniquely human trait, one that:

  • saves us time and energy as we gather resources and information
  • allows us to develop empathy for others
  • creates bonds of trust, even among strangers.

Moreover, people who ask more questions are seen as more likable. And who wouldn't want that!

In this cheatsheet

You'll learn how to:

  • come up with good questions
  • execute the interview the right way
  • avoid mistakes and biasing the interview

Instructions for all steps can be found directly in the cheatsheet.

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