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Why time tracking is (not) useless in agile environments

Keeping time under control will empower you to advance your agility. We learned it the hard way and even Toggl wrote about our experience.

Exploration is a challenge. How to come up with ideas for better CX?

Struggling with the discovery phase in a product lifecycle is a very normal issue. In fact, if you don’t struggle, you are probably not doing enough of it.

What do design systems and cogwheels have in common?

In today’s edition, our Dev Lead Adam explains one of the most crucial mistakes companies make when building a design system.

Here is why you don't fully utilize customer data

Do you think customer centric approach is about mastering UX in the product development phase? We believe the process starts much earlier.

On a scale of 1 to 10: How customer-oriented is your business?

For an agency like LB*, it's quite easy to see the differences in how customer-oriented our clients are. The challenges that companies face are often repeated, and this has allowed me to prepare a simple model of corporate maturity at CX.

Minimum Viable Podcast #10: The Evolution of Design

Designer and consultant Anton Schubert: "Design is a good tool for envisioning the future."

Webinar: UX now or never. An introduction to UX by a UX designer Albert Fourage

What is UX design and why it is more important than ever to start doing it? Come watch this webinar and learn how to get started with UX.

4-day remote design sprint Figma template

A ready to use template for conducting remote design sprint with Figma.

Fine-tuning e-commerce with UX best practices

E-commerce market growth has stagnated since 2017, but 2020 is playing a whole new game. We have prepared some best practices to get you ready for the upcoming Holiday season.

Product Discovery Guide

Innovate, validate and launch successful products & services.

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