We are living in ultra-globalized market where everything is more connected than ever before. There is so much competition on the market that it's hard to differentiate your company offering through all the noise. One of the key levers to grow your business is to invest in customer experience.

Historically, companies used to invest in physical stores and train call centers to be empathetic. Think about Amazon. But today the biggest customer experience challenge is in digital channels.

On Google Search, competition is one click away. Your website takes too long to load? Is someone struggling to filter by price? It doesn't matter, the user presses the back button on their web browser and check out the next link. The digital experience of a customer is now becoming a priority to grow a successful business.

On top of that, COVID-19 completely disrupted all the businesses reluctant to digital transformation. During the time where everything becomes digital, it's even more crucial to provide your customer with a great experience on your digital touchpoints.

In this talk for the Butterfly Effect series BE in focus, Albert discussed three main topics:

  1. what is UX
  2. why it matters for your company
  3. how to start doing it

If you're new to UX or you would like to know a bit more about it, this is the perfect introduction you need.