CX Transformation

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Build a resilient, effective organisation that is capable of quickly reacting to market changes.

You know that CX is important. And you want it to become part of your company’s everyday life.

We start small by establishing agile collaboration across your departments. And then we build customer-first mindset within your team through structured CX education.


  • Culture

    • CX Maturity assessment
    • CX vision development
    • CX academy
    • Design playbooks & stories
  • HR & Design ops

    • UX team outsourcing
    • Establishing Design ops
    • Establishing Product teams
    • Selection, training, onboarding
    • Resource management
  • Strategy

    • Digital strategy
    • Channel management
    • Product vision
    • OKRs integration
    • Techstack assessment
  • Methods & Process

    • Design systems
    • Customer journey mapping
    • Discovery & Delivery
    • Design facilitation
    • QA and QC

Featured work

    Dôvera CX Transformation

    Proclaiming customer-centricity to transform a traditional healthcare organization into a future-capable one

    VÚB Workshops

    Formalized and structured training in the essentials of customer experience design

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Minimum Viable Podcast #14: User experience in sound design

Sound designer Johannes Helberger: "As a designer, you need to consider all senses."

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