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Design as a tool for digital transformation of insurance services

Union is the leading Slovak insurance company in the highly competitive field of online insurance. Even though Union was already the market leader, the ordering process started to look outdated and lacked a mobile version. In such a competitive market where every detail counts, we were tasked to modernize the outdated design, improve its usability and optimize it for smartphones.

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How to bring innovation into an online insurance ordering process to improve customer satisfaction, conversion rate and upsell?


Simple mobile-first ordering process which leads customers towards conversion and helps them to choose additional services.

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Mobile first

We designed the ordering process following mobile first methodology. The result was not just a great mobile user experience, but also a very simple and minimalistic desktop design. That doesn’t mean it is poor or hard to understand. We made sure everything is perfectly usable and there is always a smart help if a user needs more information about relatively complex products.


Customers can now fully customize their insurance. For example, when purchasing travel insurance, they can pick optional add-ons such as luggage insurance or mountain rescue. We also added an option to pick one of the predefined packages like Relax, Beach or Sport. Thanks to this flexible and transparent product customization, the number of some additional insurance products increased up to 60%.

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Easy to follow

Ordering insurance is a complex process which is not easy to understand. In our testing sessions, we noticed that users could focus much better when the process was split into several smaller steps. It also helped to add a progress bar on top of the screen to inform users where exactly in the process are they and how much is left. To make this process even simpler, we also used visual hints, form validation, automatic price calculation and smart buttons.

Visual experience

Because we were using mobile first methodology, we ended up with a lot of free space on desktop. We filled it with nice illustrations, big conversational micro-copy and playful interactive elements. We also added a bit of personalisation by customising the background animation according to, for example, the country which the user is visiting.

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