Impact your business by customer-driven design

We help organizations design human-centric products and services with clarity. We don't guess, we always make informed decisions. Let’s bring our designers and your team together to co-create great design solutions.

Accelerate your product

Accelerate your product

1 – 4 weeks

Boost performance and improve results of your product or service in just a few sprints.

Increase return on investment by joining us for high-intensity agile collaboration. We use customer insights and lean experiments to discover the right solutions.


increase in up-sell during checkoutMartinus | Eshop redesign


increase of traffic in e-care for insurance payersDôvera | Digital branch redesign
case study: martinus
Bring new ideas to life

Bring new ideas to life

2 – 4 months

In your search for innovation, get a proof of concept for a new product and build it from scratch.

We provide you with tools and processes we have developed to make sure we are after the right business idea. Service design by LB* is validated and refined through constant user testing.

2 610

educated patientsDôvera | Diabetes program
case study: more app
Make better strategic decisions

Make better strategic decisions

1 – 2 months

Fuel the growth of your business by making educated decisions based on your customer and market insights.

Need to boost the performance of your services, find a new market segment or reactivate your customers? We will research the market and map the customer journeys to provide you with a clear roadmap of actionable steps.

case study: orange
Become a customer oriented company

Become a customer oriented company

6 – 12 months

Build a resilient, effective organisation that is capable of quickly reacting to market changes.

We start small by establishing agile collaboration across your departments through pilot customer-centric projects. And then we build customer-first mindset within your team through structured CX education.


teams transformed to customer-centricityDôvera | CX transformation
example: dôvera
Upskill your team

Upskill your team

1 – 2 days

Empower your team with time-tested tools and processes to make it innovative and adaptable. Our workshops and trainings perfectly balance theory and practice.

Our most popular crash courses include:
  • Facilitation and agile product management,
  • Lean UX & Lean product creation,
  • Prototyping and guerilla testing,
  • OKR framework & Product roadmap,
  • Customer journey mapping.

This is just a sneak peek to our wide library of design courses. To explore other options, let us know.

example: experience conference
Our capabilities

Our capabilities

Our capabilities
  • Architectural Design
  • Customer Experience Transformation
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Design Education
  • Design Sprint
  • Design Systems
  • Front-End Development
  • Product Design
  • Prototyping
  • Research & Insights
  • Service Design
  • Usability Testing
  • User Experience Design and more...
Our capabilities

Let's build something great together

We can assess your situation and propose the right range of our services to fit your project.

Let's consult first and then find a way of working together.

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