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MVP offers insights into design, which allows you to make things easier in everyday life. Michal Blažej, experienced in business strategy, and his guests debate and discuss different topics.

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Managing Director
Michal Blažej

Minimum Viable Podcast #19: Customer Experience Maturity

"The level of CX in Slovak organisations has caught up with the global standards over the past year." says Juraj Blichar, Head of Production in Lighting Beetle*

Minimum Viable Podcast #18: CX in Complex Environment

Eva Šípková from Alza: "Our Vision is Ordering by Thought, Delivery by Teleport."

Minimum Viable Podcast #17: Exploration

Tomáš Ulej from Martinus: "The Path to the Best Solutions is through Failures."

Minimum Viable Podcast #16: Customer Experience in Culture

Michal Čudrnák from SNG: "We can be just as good as the exhibition itself."

Minimum Viable Podcast #14: User Experience in Sound Design

Sound designer Johannes Helberger: "As a designer, you need to consider all senses."

Minimum Viable Podcast #13: Customer Experience in Automotive

UX Design Lead Ondrej Homola from Volvo: "Very few automakers do good In-car Design. That gives us a unique opportunity to define the entire market from scratch."

Minimum Viable Podcast #10: The Evolution of Design

"Design is a good tool for envisioning the future," says Designer and consultant Anton Schubert.

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