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Lighting Talks* on CX in culture

Join us on Wednesday, 29 March 2023, online or in person at the newly reconstructed Slovak National Gallery in Bratislava, Slovakia. Free admission, registration required.

LB*Webinar: How to design desirable product portfolio

When choosing a provider, customers are often overwhelmed by a complicated product offering. Learn different levels of intervention based on customer research, in our free webinar.

Lighting Talks* on Design Systems

Join us on Tuesday, 20 September 2022. See you online or at our Lighting Beetle* office in Bratislava, Slovakia. Free admission, registration required.

Webinar: UX now or never. An introduction to UX by a UX designer Albert Fourage

What is UX design and why it is more important than ever to start doing it? Come watch this webinar and learn how to get started with UX.

Easy UX innovation hacks we have learned at the NNg conference

Boost your innovation toolbox with some interesting tips we learned at the Nielsen Norman Group's UX conference in Barcelona.

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