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Resistant stakeholders? Use metrics they already rely on

Getting stakeholders involved in CX initiatives can be an uphill battle. But defining a common interest can accelerate your cross-department efforts.

10 Commandments of Product Discovery

If you don't want to risk investing thousands of euros in an undesirable or unprofitable functionality, pay enough attention to Discovery – the phase of exploring product ideas.

Shift from building to experimenting

Launching a new product or feature is always a financial and time risk. So, how do we avoid wasting resources? You need to iterate really fast to maximize your learning.

Want better CX? Start building product teams

For a long time, project management has been the thing to swear by in the IT world. It is not bad per se but it operates with an approach that isn’t suitable for digital product creation.

Think customers have solutions? This will change your mind

Customers only want what’s best for them. If you let them design for you, your business could go broke.

Why time tracking is (not) useless in agile environments

Keeping time under control will empower you to advance your agility. We learned it the hard way and even Toggl wrote about our experience.

Exploration is a challenge. How to come up with ideas for better CX?

Struggling with the discovery phase in a product lifecycle is a very normal issue. In fact, if you don’t struggle, you're probably not doing enough discovery.

What do design systems and cogwheels have in common?

In today’s edition, our Dev Lead Adam explains one of the most crucial mistakes companies make when building a design system.

Here is why you don't fully utilize customer data

Do you think customer centric approach is about mastering UX in the product development phase? We believe the process starts much earlier.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how customer-oriented is your business?

For agency like us, it's quite easy to see how customer-oriented our clients are. The challenges that companies face are often repeated, and this has allowed me to prepare a simple model of CX maturity.

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