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Minimum Viable Podcast #24: From Designer to Investor

Michal Šimkovič alias Musho: “I've never put a box around what is my job and what isn't. I do whatever is needed. There's no such thing as a small task."

Desirability: Why usability testing ≠ good product

To make sure that a new service will be successful, you should start by trying to answer a simple question: "Will my target customer want to use and pay for this service?"

Minimum Viable Podcast #23: CX in Logistics

Alexander Jančo from Packeta: "Everyone claims to be customer-oriented, but that isn't enough for me. We want to be customer-obsessed."

CX and Metrics: How to measure the ROI of a good customer experience

Want to launch a new CX initiative, but your superiors want to see a financial benefit? Set up metrics to show leadership that a better customer experience can actually earn them money.

Minimum Viable Podcast #22: Future Thinking

Lucia Ciranová from the Government Office of the Slovak Republic: "When you’re working on something that should be innovative in 2 years, you have to think 15 years ahead"

What designing for Škoda infotainment taught us about HMI

When designing human-machine interfaces, the context in which the interaction happens is crucial. Car infotainment taught us 5 rules valid for whatever HMI you design.

Minimum Viable Podcast #21: CX in Banking

Petr Šmíd from Air Bank: "We don't particularly love NPS, but it quite well expresses the relationship with customers."

Minimum Viable Podcast #20: CX in Small Organizations

Lucia Čišková from Business Lease: "CX is about creating emotions throughout the customer journey."

Video: Lighting Talks* on Impactful Services

Anton Schubert (EY Doberman) and Michal Blažej (Lighting Beetle*) reveal strategies for creating products and services that resonate with new as well as loyal customers.

Minimum Viable Podcast #19: Customer Experience Maturity

"The level of CX in Slovak organisations has caught up with the global standards over the past year." says Juraj Blichar, Head of Production in Lighting Beetle*

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