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Minimum Viable Podcast #21: CX in Banking

Petr Šmíd from Air Bank: "We don't particularly love NPS, but it quite well expresses the relationship with customers."

Minimum Viable Podcast #20: On CX in Small Organizations

Lucia Čišková from Business Lease: "CX is about creating emotions throughout the customer journey."

Video: Lighting Talks* on Impactful Services

Anton Schubert (EY Doberman) and Michal Blažej (Lighting Beetle*) reveal strategies for creating products and services that resonate with new as well as loyal customers.

Minimum Viable Podcast #19: Customer Experience Maturity

"The level of CX in Slovak organisations has caught up with the global standards over the past year." says Juraj Blichar, Head of Production in Lighting Beetle*

Resistant stakeholders? Use metrics they already rely on

Getting stakeholders involved in CX initiatives can be an uphill battle. But defining a common interest can accelerate your cross-department efforts.

Minimum Viable Podcast #18: CX in Complex Environment

Eva Šípková from Alza: "Our Vision is Ordering by Thought, Delivery by Teleport."

10 Commandments of Product Discovery

If you don't want to risk investing thousands of euros in an undesirable or unprofitable functionality, pay enough attention to Discovery – the phase of exploring product ideas.

Minimum Viable Podcast #17: Exploration

Tomáš Ulej from Martinus: "The Path to the Best Solutions is through Failures."

Lighting Talks* on CX in culture

Join us on Wednesday, 29 March 2023, online or in person at the newly reconstructed Slovak National Gallery in Bratislava, Slovakia. Free admission, registration required.

Minimum Viable Podcast #16: Customer Experience in Culture

Michal Čudrnák from SNG: "We can be just as good as the exhibition itself."

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