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Minimum Viable Podcast #26: Innovations in retail

Lukáš Němčík from COOP Group: "Thanks to click & collect, we create village hypermarkets."

UX writing: How to make digital bureaucracy understandable

Administrative jargon hinders institutions from connecting with customers. Here’s what working for government and international institutions taught us about UX copy in expert settings.

Discovery Backlog: How to seek opportunities for better customer experience

Ideas for enhancing customer experience don't fall from the sky. Luckily, there are techniques to help you build a repository of relevant opportunities ready for validation.

Minimum Viable Podcast #24: From designer to investor

Michal Šimkovič alias Musho: “I've never put a box around what is my job and what isn't. I do whatever is needed. There's no such thing as a small task."

Desirability: Why usability testing ≠ good product

To make sure that a new service will be successful, you should start by trying to answer a simple question: "Will my target customer want to use and pay for this service?"

CX and Metrics: How to measure the ROI of a good customer experience

Want to launch a new CX initiative, but your superiors want to see a financial benefit? Set up metrics to show leadership that a better customer experience can actually earn them money.

Minimum Viable Podcast #23: CX in logistics

Alexander Jančo from Packeta: "Everyone claims to be customer-oriented, but that isn't enough for me. We want to be customer-obsessed."

Minimum Viable Podcast #22: Future Thinking

Lucia Ciranová from the Government Office of the Slovak Republic: "When you’re working on something that should be innovative in 2 years, you have to think 15 years ahead"

What designing for Škoda infotainment taught us about HMI

When designing human-machine interfaces, the context in which the interaction happens is crucial. Car infotainment taught us 5 rules valid for whatever HMI you design.

Minimum Viable Podcast #21: CX in banking

Petr Šmíd from Air Bank: "We don't particularly love NPS, but it quite well expresses the relationship with customers."

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